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Our Philosophy

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First and foremost, Mike and Cathy opened Laurelwood as a reflection of what they wanted in a neighborhood restaurant. As the parents of young children, they wanted a family friendly environment that did not begin and end with being simply offered a high chair. As native Pacific Northwesterners, it was important to support our local farmers and purveyors as well supporting sustainability and the organic movement. As neighbors, it was important to create a place where friends and families could meet to have a relaxed dinner and a couple of drinks that supported their community. These are the factors that are most important to us and help set us apart from other brewpubs and dining establishments.

Families Welcome (We really mean it!).

A lot of places say they are family friendly, but only make minor concessions towards children. All of our Portland, Oregon restaurants treat families with young kids as a major priority. Every one of our pubs has a play area designed mostly for toddlers. We let kids be kids at the Laurelwood. We are well aware that modern family life is hectic and stressful– most families have two working parents and these folks love the fact the Laurelwood lets them relax. Parents get to chill out and catch up, while the kids get to play with trains and color… Much better than being forced to sit still and be quiet! Some people think it’s odd to have a brewpub be so family focused, but Laurelwood believes that craft beer, good food, and spending time with your family go hand in hand.

Supporting the Pacific Northwest.

This region of the US is unique and rich in local products. Laurelwood has always been supportive of local, natural, and sustainable products. Our restaurants serve meats and poultry from the area, including many all-natural options. We also strive to be as green as we can be, whether it’s composting a large percentage of our waste or using biodegradable cups at events.

We are a locally owned company that creates one of the most recognized regional products of craft beer! We were Portland, Oregon‘s Original Certified Organic Brewery and continue to have several Certified Organics in our beer line-up. Our beer is distributed to stores and taverns throughout Oregon, as far south as Ashland and in Washington throughout Clark and Klickitat counties. We also distribute in Alaska, Idaho, and Pennsylvania! Laurelwood is extremely proud of its position in the brewing community and maintains an active membership in local and national brewers associations.

Neighborhood Involvement.

One of the most unique things about our Portland pubs is the role they play in our neighborhoods. Many of our guests live close by and consider their local Laurelwood pub to be an extension of their homes. Our guests come several times a week; maybe with a co-worker for a pint after work, dinner with the family after a long day, or after a movie date for coffee and dessert. Our menus and our atmosphere are broad enough for us to be a destination for many types of outings. Mike and Cathy have always been big supporters of area schools, sports teams, and various local charities. You’ll often find our Laurelwood pubs donating a percentage of the day’s proceeds to schools or education-related non-profits throughout Portland, Oregon. Laurelwood also hosts seasonal events such as “Laurelfest” during the fall harvest season with live music, new beers, and activities for the kids.