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Coffee, Beer, & the Path to Creativity

What’s the drink you reach for to get that first burst of motivation at work? That’s right, coffee. But how many of you have had that “lightbulb moment” after a couple of beers? It turns out both coffee and beer are good for your creative process, each in their own…

In Honor of our Veterans

 Laurelwood   November 10, 2014  No Comments

Vinter Varmer is back to warm you up!

 Laurelwood   November 6, 2014  No Comments

Fall Brewer's Dinner October 28th

 Laurelwood   October 20, 2014  No Comments

Our Fall Brewer’s Dinner is almost here! The five course dinner menu was created by our Executive Chef Richard Blake with beer pairings selected by our Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos. Buy your tickets before they’re gone!

Return of the Pumpkin Ale

 Laurelwood   September 4, 2014  No Comments

It’s back! Find it in stores in 22 ounce bottles or on draft at select locations. The shortest and sweetest of our seasonal bottle runs our Pumpkin Ale is bursting with real pumpkin flavor and spices.

Wings at The Wood

 Laurelwood   August 29, 2014  No Comments

Laurelfest 2014

 Laurelwood   August 27, 2014  No Comments

Dine Out to Wipe Out Cancer!

 Laurelwood   August 26, 2014  No Comments

Our 12th annual Dine Out to Wipe Out Cancer is in just a few weeks! Come out to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 20% of all proceeds go to support them!

Pet Aid Benefit Concert

 Laurelwood   August 6, 2014  No Comments

Megafauna is back!

 Laurelwood   July 28, 2014  No Comments