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Keg Sales

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Please call our brewery in NE Portland, Oregon at 503-282-4948 to reserve your keg. Get directions to our brewery.

Due to high demand for our craft beer, dock sales are limited– we are a small brewery after all. All kegs are filled to order on a first come, first serve basis.

Curious about your beer choices? Head over to our Year-Round Beer page for our flagships, like Workhorse IPA and Free Range Red Ale, or our Seasonal Beer Page for even more. Please note, seeing a particular beer on our site does not confirm we are currently able to fill a keg of it for you. Please call our brewery to check if your choices are available.

Keg Sizes

 Keg Prices

Full Keg (aka Half-Barrel)
15.5 gallons/124 pints
$145 for Conventional
Quarter Barrel (aka Pony Keg)
7.75 gallons/62 pints
$85 for Conventional
Customer 5 Gallon
Cornelius Refills
$65 for Conventional
Customer 3 Gallon
Cornelius Refills
$40 for Conventional


Drop off your clean Cornelius kegs by Thursday and they will be ready to be picked up Friday after 5:00 PM. If kegs are dirty there is a $12 cleaning fee.

  • Prices include rental of tap and ice buckets if needed.
  • Taps and buckets are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There is a $150 refundable deposit due upon pick-up for each keg.
  • We ask that kegs be returned within one week.
  • Special arrangements can be made for kegs to be used on home draft systems.
  • Kegs can be picked up at the Laurelwood Public House at 51st and Sandy.
  • Dock Sale hours are Monday through Thursday, 11AM to 10PM and Friday through Sunday, 10AM to 11PM.
  • Sorry, Oregon regulations prohibit us from delivering beer to non-licensed establishments.

And if you’re getting a keg, you should check out our new biodegradable cups — another way for us to be green!

They’re $7 for a sleeve of 50, and they’re made out of NatureWorks biopolymer, a resin derived entirely from corn.

More information about F-K Greenware