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Ben Dobler – Head of Brewing Operations

Before coming to Laurelwood Dobler was with Widmer Brothers for about 20 years. In this position he was involved in all aspects of beer from brewing to packaging, sales, and marketing. Previously, Dobler was with Bridgeport Brewing Co. for 2.5 years. This is where he started his career in the brewing industry. He quickly learned the ins and outs of brewing as well as cellar and packaging operations. In 2016, Ben started at Laurelwood as the Director of Brewing Ops where he wears tons of hats. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Laurelwood’s brewing operations as well as assisting the ownership in business operations.

What’s your favorite style of beer? “Historically it’s been Pale Ale. Pale’s are the best of both worlds, malt complexity along with hop complexity. However, at the moment it’s lager for me, so much simplicity yet a ton of intricacy in the process of making a great one. Plus, with them being lower in alcohol it means I can enjoy more of them; responsibly of course!”


Cameron Murphy – Head Brewer

Cameron has worked for Laurelwood since 2008 where he bused tables. In 2009 he moved out of the restaurant and into the brewery where he started his career in the craft brewing industry by washing kegs. Since 2009 Cameron has worked his way up the ladder working in every position. In June of 2016 he graduated from The American Brewers Guild and shortly after he was given the title of Head Brewer. As Head Brewer Cameron manages the staff during their day to day duties and works with the Director of Brewing Ops on recipe formulation, quality control, and scheduling.

What’s your favorite style of beer? “My favorite style of beer is whatever the latest seasonal is because life is too short for only one beer style!”

Eric Ebel – Brewer

Eric started his professional craft brewing career a little over two years ago. After five years of home-brewing, he decided to get his IBD certificate via a brewing school program held in Bend, OR which was put on by current and past employees of Deschutes Brewery. Shortly after receiving his certificate, he started at Laurelwood as a cellarman, eventually making his way to the brew deck. Laurelwood was always one of his favorite breweries before starting and conveniently his local neighborhood watering hole. As a brewer Eric’s duties include crafting the beer, helping create delicious recipes, cleaning fermenters, taking care of barrel aged beers, and being the brewerys overall morale booster and goof. In the Fall, if you’re in the pub you might get a chance to see this goofball in a clown costume while bottling our seasonal Pumpkin beer.

What’s your favorite style of beer? My favorite style of beer is very hard to decide. My “go-to” would probably be IPA, but I love all beer styles. Other favorites include, Hefeweizen, Belgian Blonde, and nitrogenated stouts.”

Noah Palmer – Brewer

Noah started his career in the craft brewing industry at Long Brewing Co. in Newberg, OR as an intern almost 4 years ago. From Long Brewing he then moved over to Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR where he was hired as a “Brewer in Training.” In this position he learned everything from the bottling line and up. After Rogue, he made the jump over to Laurelwood to be a keg washer and quickly made his way up to become a brewer. As a brewer with Laurelwood Noah is responsible for everything from loading up the grain, milling it, mashing, boiling/chilling the wort, and the list goes on. He takes pride in also being in charge of playing the best music in the brewery!

What’s your favorite style of beer? “My favorite style of beer is a German Pilsner or German Kolsch, I like German styles they really are a “Brewers beer,” and I can drink a few and still hold a conversation.

Calvin Popp – Head Cellerman

Calvin started his craft brewing career in July of 2014 at Nano Brewery in Ashland, Oregon. He did a yearlong internship at Nano before moving to Portland and being hired on as a keg washer at Laurelwood. Since coming to Laurelwood, he has made his way from keg washer to manager of cellar operations.

What’s your favorite style of beer? “My favorite style of beer is pale ale because the style offers a wide variety of interpretations. My favorite beer right now is Cam’s Pale Ale!”

Travis Robinson – Cellerman

Travis started his craft brewing career at Wicks Brewing Company in Riverside,CA as a bartender. From bartender he worked his way to Taproom Manager for two years before finding himself in the brew house. This was a dream for him since he had been home brewing for several years prior. He was with Wicks another year until he made the move to Oregon and started here at Laurelwood as a Cellerman. As a Cellerman Travis cleans everything, assists with packaging beers, and handles the beer during or post fermentation to ensure that the beer is ready for serving.

What’s your favorite style of beer? “My favorite style of beer is an IPA, I really enjoy the hops and love that each variety has their own personality. I also like a beer that finishes dry and keeps me coming back for another sip.”


Jon Boerner – Cellerman

After about fifteen years of homebrewing, Jon decided to give up his career as a field biologist and pursue his dream job of brewing professionally. After a long job search he landed a job as a mobile packaging technician, which helped him to make connections in the industry. While in this position he pestered previous Laurelwood Brewmaster Shane Watterson for a job for about a year and a half until finally there was an opening in the brewery. Now a cellerman at Laurelwood, Jon is responsible for handling beer post-fermentation and occasionally do fun things like jam coffee beans and fresh hops into brite tanks.

What’s your favorite style of beer? ““My favorite beer is the beer that’s in front of me! I believe that there is a proper time and place for just about every style. My usual styles of choice tend to be IPAs, Pale Ales, Belgians, Euro Lagers and Sours. All this beer talk is making me thirsty!”