Seasonals (may vary by location)

Laurelwood House Lager

LW Lager is our take on a domestic lager with just a little more hops than your grandfather might like.

Alcohol Content: 4%  ·  IBUs: 18

David Session IPA

This session ale is packed with Idaho 7 and Cashmere hops along with Cascade Cryo lupilin powder. The question is, can David defeat Goliath? We will let you choose.

Alcohol Content: 4.5%  ·  IBUs: 40


We had a Great Time Collaborating on this beer with our Friends at Civic Taproom. What do you get when you add Civic Taproom Laurelwood and the Timbers Season all together? A classic Northwest IPA of course! With a Balanced body and Busting with hoppy goodness this beer will keep your Whistle Wetted. That way you can Cheer for the Timbers all game long!

Alcohol Content: 8%  ·  IBUs: 65

Level ESB Collab

We got to work with our friend and former Brewmaster Shane Watterson and the Level team on this wonderful summer brew.  The body of the beer is light and drinkable yet robust enough to go great with a meal. The hops play a secondary role in this beer balancing the flavors out and creating a beautiful bouquet with the malts and yeast. So enjoy a pint in the sun before us brewers drink it all up!

Alcohol Content: 4.5%  ·  IBUs: 31

Stupid Dart Throw Begian

Bright Golden Belgian Ale with medium Belgian Yeast Character. With just a kiss of malty sweet aroma and the spiciness of the hops this beer is sure to be a thirst quencher!

Alcohol Content: 6.2%  ·  IBUs: 20

Boysenberry Berliner Weisse

Our Boysenberry Berliner is built for the long, hot days of summer. Sweet and tart boysenberries add a refreshing complexity to our cloudy, German-style sour ale.

Alcohol Content: 5%  ·  IBUs: 10

Brettfast Club Pale (Pale Project 33)

Fermented with “Brett B” which imparts tropical esters.  The hops used further accent the tropical notes to provide a refreshing and complex beer.

Alcohol Content: 5.3%  ·  IBUs: 50

Goliath Imperial IPA

This hazy imperial IPA has a tremendous amount of tropical aromas and flavors, sure to smack you in the mouth.  We use a combination of Idaho 7, Cashmere hops and Cascade Cryo lupulin power give Goliath his power.  Watch out for his strength in the finish!

Alcohol Content: 8.5%  ·  IBUs: 70


Laurelweizen is Laurelwood’s version of a German Hefeweizen. This beer is a great everyday drinker. Hefeweizen’s are true session beers that pair well with almost any food. Prost!

Alcohol Content: 5%  ·  IBUs: 18

Bonewood Boyz

When brewers get the chance to collaborate sometimes things get a little crazy. With this brew we decided to try and tame the wild yeast Brettanomyces and work with new experimental hops. This beer has very distinct Brettanomyces character, and we worked in varieties of hops that work well with this unique yeast. So make like a Brewer and live on the wild side! Please enjoy this experimental brew as much as we did making it.

Alcohol Content: 6.5%  ·  IBUs: 55