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LW_Workhorse_Pint_wlogoWorkhorse IPA

Workhorse is, hands down, our biggest seller! This is an extremely well balanced yet super flavorful IPA brewed in the West Coast style. The over-the-top aroma comes from a heavy handed dose of hops in the kettle, hop back, and 2 separate dry-hop additions. A slightly sweet finish helps balance the hop bitterness and creates an ale that is both big on flavor yet remains quite drinkable.

Video Review With Former Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos

Comments from the Brewery:
“A Northwest IPA that is not too bitter and full of flavor.”

National IPA Championship Winner, 2009

Beer Stats

    • Alcohol Content: 7.5%
    • IBUs: 80
    • Original Gravity: 17º Plato
    • Terminal Gravity: 3º Plato
    • Malt: Great Western 2 Row, Crystal Malt, Dextrin Malt
    • Hops: Citra, Galaxy, El Dorado, Columbus



NOORG-LW_FreeRangeRed_Pint_wlogo copyFree Range Red Ale

Free Range Red is a rich copper-colored ale that breaks red ale tradition with loads of fresh hop flavor. Medium in body, Free Range boasts a caramel sweetness that blends wonderfully with the smooth hop flavor. The result is a balanced, super drinkable beer.

Video Review With Former Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos

Comments from the Brewery:
“This beer is Laurelwood. Hoppy but balanced, and super drinkable. Free Range is by far our most popular beer.”

Gold Medal, World Beer Cup, 2004

Beer Stats

    • Alcohol Content: 6.1%
    • IBUs: 60
    • Original Gravity: 14.3º Plato
    • Terminal Gravity: 2.2º Plato
    • Malt: 2-Row, Crystal, Dextrin Malt
    • Hops: Cascade, Newport



Red_Elephant_6Pack_Angle2Red Elephant IRA

This is the ultimate hybrid — a beer with the hop bill of our Green Elephant IPA, but the malts of our Free Range Red. This number packs a powerful punch of pine, citrus, tropical, and resinous hop aroma and flavor, harmonizing with the caramel malt body we know and love in our famous red ale.

Beer Stats

      • Alcohol Content: 7.0%
      • IBUs: 70
      • Original Gravity: 16º Plato
      • Malt: 2-row, Crystal, Carapils
      • Hops: Nugget, Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Ahtanum
      • Where to Find It: In 6-pack cans at our NE and SE Portland, Oregon brewery and pubs and on tap at our NE Portland brewpub AND in 6-pack cans where better beer is sold in Oregon.



LW_Golden_Pint_wLogo_02Golden Ale

Our lightest ale is crisp, dry, and refreshing – eliminating the need for craft beer training wheels. This beer is available on draft year-round and available in six-pack cans from May to September.

Video Review With Former Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos

Comments from the Brewery:
“Though our lightest ale, this is actually one that takes great deal of precision on the brewers’ part. This subtle, easy drinker showcases the thought and care that goes into each beer we brew.”

Gold medal, World Beer Cup, 2002
Bronze medal, Great American Beer Festival (GABF), 2003
Silver medal, World Beer Cup, 2004
Bronze medal, GABF, 2012

Beer Stats

    • Alcohol Content: 5.1%
    • IBUs: 25
    • Original Gravity: 12º Plato
    • Terminal Gravity: 2.2º Plato
    • Malt: Great Western 2 Row, Dextrin Malt, Crystal Malt, Flaked Barley
    • Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Ahtanum


LW_TreeHugger_Porter_Pint_wlogoOrganic Tree Hugger Porter

Tree Hugger Porter features a rich chocolate malt flavor that finishes dry and roasty. Delicate hop flavor rounds out this rich full-bodied ale. This beer is brewed with 100% organically-grown malt.

Video Review With Former Brewmaster Vasili Gletsos

Comments from the Brewery:
“Organic, roasty goodness in a glass.”

Silver Medal, World Beer Cup, 2002

Beer Stats

  • Alcohol Content: 5.8%
  • IBUs: 45
  • Original Gravity: 14º Plato
  • Terminal Gravity: 3.2º Plato
  • Malt: Organic 2-Row, Organic Crystal, Organic Carafa, Organic Chocolate, Organic Dextrin
  • Hops: Organic Newport, Organic Cascade, Organic Fuggle



Seasonal Stout

Every quarter, we release a different stout, ranging from all-new recipes to ol’ signatures like our Space Stout. Click “What’s On Tap” or our head to our Seasonal Beers page to find out what stout we’re pouring at the moment!







Portland Pale Glass with Logo

Portland Pale Project

The Portland Pale Project is a pub series focused on highlighting the variety within the Pale Ale style, as well as the creativity of our brewers. The first few years of the project produced a number of beers, each one different than the next. Today, we stick to a few tried and trues– Coniferous Pale Ale for winter, Piston Pale for spring, Pale Pony ISA for summer, and Cable Knit Rye Pale for fall. Read more about this bunch over on our Seasonals page.