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On Tap at SE

Workhorse IPA

Workhorse, our biggest seller in the pubs, is an extremely well balanced and super flavorful IPA brewed in the West Coast style. The over-the-top hop aroma comes from the heavy-handed dose of hops in the kettle, hop back and multiple dry hop additions. A slightly sweet finish helps to balance the hop bitterness and creates and ale that is big on flavor yet remains highly drinkable.

Alcohol Content: 6.7%  ·  IBUs: 80

Free Range Red Ale

Our North West twist on a classic amber ale. With slightly more bitterness and hop aroma to balance out the Strong Malt backbone.  One of laurelwoods longest year round brew it is a classic recipe that helps show off our house yeast.

Alcohol Content: 5.9%  ·  IBUs: 50

Plasma Blaster Kettle Sour

For this kettle-soured ale, we wanted to make a hoppy  beer with slight amount of pucker, but not enough to make you scrunch up your face! This tart farmhouse is generously dry hopped with Citra plus Mandarina Bavaria, and fermented with fruity Loki yeast. At first smell you may wonder if you were poured an IPA by mistake, but don’t be fooled, it’s a PLASMA BLASTER!

Alcohol Content: 4.8%  ·  IBUs: 19

Civic Taproom Collaboration

 Civic Taproom and Laurelwood team up again to make a kick(butt) sessionable juicy IPA.  Comet, Citra, Lotus, and Mosaic complete this hop bill to deliver a roundhouse kick to the face with fruity hop flavor.

Alcohol Content: 5.0%  ·  IBUs: 40

Portlandia Pilsner

Light, crisp, and refreshing, this traditional German-style Pilsner is founded on a base of premium German malts and hops. Mandarina Bavaria hops add a slight modern touch to a classic style. This delightful beverage will satisfy your refreshment needs and keep you coming back for more. Prost!

Alcohol Content: 5.3%·  IBUs: 55

Tree Hugger Porter

Tree Hugger Porter is one of Laurelwood's longest running beers. It is as easy drinking as a Porter gets. It has a dark black color but a light body and wonderful balance of sweet caramel and toffee flavors that intertwine with the mild floral, woody hop bitterness. 

Alcohol Content: 5.8%  ·  IBUs: 50

Kids These Daze IPA

How do you do, fellow kids? We're going to keep everything 100 and tell you this beer is lit. Brewed with a blend of Northern and Southern Hemisphere hops, Kids These Daze has dank tropical hop flavor and a hella chill stone fruit aroma. Raise a glass to the next generation! Cheers, brah.

Alcohol Content: 6.5%  ·  IBUs: 40

Cartoon Dreams IIPA

Hugh Heifer was created for a beer dinner a few years ago. Our brew team came together to formulate a seductive dessert beer and we love this beer so much that we brought it back as our rotating seasonal stout. This beer is a luxurious and velvety stout with a rich and complex flavor and aroma. The nose is dominated by layers of Chocolate, Coffee and lightly roasted Coco Puffs.

Alcohol Content: 8%  ·  IBUs: 55

Pink Guava Hefeweizen

Laurelweizen is Laurelwood’s version of a German Hefeweizen but this time with FRUIT! This beer is a great everyday drinker. Hefeweizen’s are true session beers that pair well with almost any food. Prost!

Alcohol Content: 5%  ·  IBUs: 18

Wade's Hoppy Vienna Lager

 A perfect beer for spring weather, the rich toasty malt character is comforting on cool rainy days, while the crisp hoppy finish keeps you refreshed as the sun emerges and you are sure you should order another. Prost!

Alcohol Content: 5.5%  ·  IBUs: 24

Rye Bother Pale Ale

For Pale Project #52, we took a changed course and made a pale ale with a subtle spice of rye. The result is a delicious zesty dry American pale ale with a pungent hop punch.

Alcohol Content: 5.2%  ·  IBUs: 38