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Seasonals (Vary by location)

Megafauna Imperial IPA

This beer takes its name from the oversized animals of the Pleistocene Era (Ice Age). Large saber toothed cats, hairy elephants, sloths the size of buses roamed the frozen tundra. Everything was big and/or hairy, with extra horns, tusks, teeth, etc. A tough time to be fighting for survival…
Like those massive animals, this beer is huge with hop aroma and flavor. We used several new aromatic hop varieties to get a layered and hop oil soaked beer which, unlike the frozen tundra, isn’t bitter, and finishes dry. The Aroma and flavor are layers of Pine, citrus and tropical fruit and the beer is a pale gold. We hope you drink it in good health and keep warm.

9.5% ABV / 100 IBU / 20° Plato OG

Pale Project #39

Number 39 in our on going pale project series. Not every beer needs to be a philosophical statement.  This beer fades into you palate as the beer in the glass disappears. A light flora hop aroma balanced with the alcohol and malt character. Please enjoy our newest pale and get lost in good conversation with a pint or two…….

6.7% ABV / 27 IBU / 14° Plato OG

Bockman Turner Overdrive

What do you drink when you want more malt flavor but are tired of stouts and porters? A Helles Bock of course! This malty lager has what it takes to stand up to the cold weather. With just enough malt backbone and ABV to keep you satisfied. This beer is an instant hit among our brewers. We love its malt forward nature and relish the break from standard winter beers.

6.5% ABV / 25 IBU / 15.5° Plato OG

Portland Roasting Espresso Stout

This espresso stout is a yearly collaboration with Portland Roasting and one of our favorite brews. This year the brewer's special blend includes organic coffee from Mexico, Peru and Sumatra, which compliments the roast, chocolate, and coffee flavors already in the beer. The result is smooth, dark stout with layers of rich roast flavor 

6.4% ABV / 30 IBU / 15.5° Plato OG

Julie's Golden Ale

This classic Laurelwood brew is a brewer after shift favorite. This brew may be lighter than most in ABV and IBU but bursts with refreshing flavor. An overall well balanced beer perfect with food or a refreshing drink in the sun

5.1% ABV / 20 IBU / 11.5° Plato OG

Vinter Varmer

Vinter Varmer is an interpretation of a special version of an English style old ale brewed for the beginning of Winter. A smooth, strong, malt driven beer with a nice balance of mild pleasant hops to fortify against the cold. We use a blend of six malts and four hops to create an ale with deep caramel color, spicy hop flavor, and a dry toasty finish. This Winter warmer ale is as rich and complex as it is drinkable. Ve hope you enjoy this wonderful winter varmer!

6.4% ABV / 45 IBU / 16° Plato OG

Thin Red Lime

We dreamed up this sour wheat ale while trying to keep cool in the brewery. This beer is exactly what you need to stand strong in the summer sun. Brewed with raspberries and lime this tart fruity beer is sure to please.

4.3% ABV / 9 IBU / 11.5° Plato OG