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Photo of Jon Boerner

Jon Boerner

Head Brewer

After about fifteen years of homebrewing, Jon decided to give up his career as a field biologist and pursue his dream job of brewing professionally. After a long job search he landed a job as a mobile packaging technician, which helped him to make connections in the industry. While in this position he pestered previous Laurelwood Brewmaster Shane Watterson for a job for about a year and a half until finally there was an opening in the brewery. Now head cellerman at Laurelwood, Jon is responsible for handling beer post-fermentation and occasionally do fun things like jam coffee beans and fresh hops into brite tanks.

What’s your favorite style of beer? “My favorite beer is the beer that’s in front of me! I believe that there is a proper time and place for just about every style. My usual styles of choice tend to be IPAs, Pale Ales, Belgians, Euro Lagers and Sours. All this beer talk is making me thirsty!”