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On Tap at NE

Workhorse IPA

Workhorse, our biggest seller in the pubs, is an extremely well balanced and super flavorful IPA brewed in the West Coast style. The over-the-top hop aroma comes from the heavy-handed dose of hops in the kettle, hop back and multiple dry hop additions. A slightly sweet finish helps to balance the hop bitterness and creates and ale that is big on flavor yet remains highly drinkable.

Alcohol Content: 6.7%  ·  IBUs: 80

Free Range Red Ale

Our North West twist on a classic amber ale. With slightly more bitterness and hop aroma to balance out the Strong Malt backbone.  One of laurelwoods longest year round brew it is a classic recipe that helps show off our house yeast.

Alcohol Content: 5.9%  ·  IBUs: 50

Ever Fallen in Love? IPA

Rando #27 is a classic West Coast IPA. Heavy citrus fruit and pine needles on the aroma combine with pineapple and mango hop flavors, backed up by a light, crisp, and ready malt backbone for a tasty tribute to the best coast.

7.2% ABV / 69 IBU / 16.6° Plato OG

Wood Lager

 Not all beer needs to be and intellectually mind blowing experience! This beer is simple and just well, drinkable. With a extra crisp and light malt body and the accent of bright american hops this beer is a easy pick!

5.0% ABV / 15 IBU / 11° Plato OG

Pumpkin Ale

Our pumpkin ale has a strong malt backbone giving it a flavor much like pie crust. We add generous amounts of pumpkin and a restrained amount of spices, giving it that wonderful pumpkin pie like aroma. The result is a smooth and silky amber strong ale with a warm and spicy nose and a rich and malty body.   

7.5% ABV / 25 IBU / 17° Plato OG

Thin Red Lime

It is Summer time so you know what that means? It is time for Kettle Sours! We dreamed up this Sour Wheat ale while trying to keep cool in the brewery.  This Beer is exactly what you need to stand strong in the summer sun. Brewed with raspberries and Lime this Tart Fruity beer is sure to please.

4.3% ABV / 9 IBU / 11.5° Plato OG

Bridge Over Hazy Waters

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Ghost Runners Brewing for the first annual "Brewing Bridges" festival held in Vancouver. Pineapple and melon dominate the aroma while a soft body rounds out the crips dry finish that ISAs are known for. A small amount of rye is added to give little hints of spice to balance the fruity tropical hops used.

5.9% ABV / 40 IBU / 13.5° Plato OG

Pink Guava Laurelweizen

Laurelweizen is Laurelwood's version of a traditional German hefeweizen. The addition of pink guava gives this beer a tropical twist on a classic with strong guava flavors on both the nose and the palate. The traditional mixed with the tropical produces a brand new beer that is exciting, unconventional, and delicious!

5.0% ABV / 18 IBU / 12° Plato OG

Spud Lite

A classic easy drinking pale ale. Hopped with only Cascades throughout the boil and a single dry hop of Mosaics. This beer was designed to be a delicious and sessional ale that's easy on the palate.

5.0% ABV / 43 IBU / 11.6° Plato OG

Kids These Daze

What Can I say, Kids These Daze love these juicy, hazy NE-style IPA’s. This beer will make you think you’re sitting on a sunny beach, sipping on a drink carved out of a pineapple. Hope you enjoy! Mahalo! 

6.5% ABV / 40 IBU / 16.0° Plato OG

Tree Hugger Porter

Tree Hugger Porter is one of Laurelwood’s longest running beers! Brewed since we opened in 2001 Tree Hugger is about as easy-drinking as a Porter gets. It has a dark black color but don’t let that fool you, the light body and wonderful balance of sweet caramel and toffee flavors intertwine with the mild floral, woody hop bitterness and make this beer a great choice when you want something dark without it being too intense. We hope you enjoy one of our favorite beers, cheers!  

5.8% ABV / 30 IBU / 14° Plato OG